i love you


You are gone but you are not. I have taught only two classes since you passed away and Savasana is almost unbearable. Your presence has been so strong.

At the end of Saturday’s class I had everyone put their hands to their hearts and I as I walked around giving small adjustments, I realized… You are in every single person here in this room. I adjusted a girls shoulders, she has a wooden earring in one if her ears. Just like you. Someone else has small tattoos on her forearms. Just like you. Another girl has a dread, just one, nestled in her messy hair. Just like you. One person is smiling, just like you. Someone has toes that remind me of yours. A mat the same color as the one you always had in your bedroom. “Look!”, you told me one day. “I bought a good yoga mat! Finally!” 
I looked at it and laughed, “no you didn’t honey. This is a crappy mat. You’ll slip!” 
You frowned; “But it was $20!” 
When I told you a good mat will cost at least $50 you looked at me like I was joking. “$50 for a yoga mat??? Tss. You super yogis are so picky! I’ll use this one forever and it will still be good you’ll see” and you did. It’s broken and dirty and smells a little bit like mold but you used that thing every day. And I held it in my arms all the way from San José to Aruba but I still haven’t rolled it out at home. I can’t. It’s leaning against the altar I made you, waiting for a time when I’ll be able to think of these things and still stay sane but I’m not sure that time will ever come. 

But in that Savasana two days ago I saw you in every person in that room. And for every person I touched I felt you even more and at one point I felt my tears drip from my face onto the girl beneath me and she grabbed my hand. She looked me straight in the eye and said “it’s ok” and I knew right then: that was you, too. She came up to me after class with tears in her eyes. “I lost my husband. I am where you are” and I am understanding now more and more that we all feel the same. We are all sisters. We’re in this together. If you are in everyone that means you are in me also and that means you never really left. 

It’s the only comfort I have. And it’s beautiful

This is wonderful.


The Great Pyramids of Giza, as you’ve never seen them before — at the edge of a sprawling metropolis and the vast desert.


Wanted to keep the colour but just couldn’t get the size down enough. 
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i want to be done w high school so bad it hurts

dream school

shit this is a dream

this makes me want to enjoy education